Hi I'm Sienna the West Australian Seahorse and I'm the smallest member of the Ocean Friends. Yes, even the smallest sea creatures are effected by plastic pollution. 

I may not look like a typical fish but I am actually a fish. I have gills, a tail, fins and other features similar to a fish. I spend my life living in the shallow, muddy estuaries and waterways on the west coast of Australia. 

I am actually very close to you! And with lots of rivers, creeks and inlets emptying into my home it's easy for me to be swimming in rubbish that gets dumped into these streams! As I am a very small creature I sometimes get swept up in plastic packaging or plastic bags which is very hard for me to get out of!

Not only this but when plastic is in our waterways for a long time it breaks down in to tiny plastics. These micro-plastics are small enough to resemble our food and if we eat to much of them it can make us very sick!

I may be small but I still matter. Just like when you pick up a piece of plastic rubbish, it may be a small gesture but it still matters. 

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