Premium Quality

Copper Lock Technology - In 2021 our selected insulated products will feature Copper Lock Technology. A copper wall layer is added to the vacuum insulation to lock in the internal temperature and lock out the external temperature. Keeping drinks hotter or colder for longer. 

Superior Insulation - Along with with Triple Wall insulated products with Copper Lock Technology some of our products feature Cheeki's original Double Wall Vacuum Insulation. 

BPA & Toxin Free - All our products and manufacturing facilities are tested and certified under strict international standards. We're pleased to say that none of our products contain BPA, toxins or heavy metals. 

304 Food Grade Stainless Steel - We only use premium 304 [18/8] Food Grade Steel. It's safer, tougher and stronger. Unlike inferior products our steel is throughly tested to meet strict FDA certifications. This means there is absolutely no traces of heavy metals (lead) and also it will never leech any metallic tastes into your drinks. 

Sweat-Free Surface - Our insulated products feature a sweat free surface. Even on the most humid of nights there will be no condensation build up on the surface of our water bottle, tumbler or wine tumbler. 

Patented Designs - We pride ourselves on our design and innovation. The patented Silicone Shield and Tri Tech Sports Lid are the benchmarks of our innovation. 

Australian Owned and Designed - Cheeki started in Australia and continues to be 100% Australian owned and designed.