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The seal sometimes twists and the coffee leaks and I am not fond of the shape of the lid for drinking but love the cup part of it.

I bought two of these for the grandchildren and they love them. Not for wine of course but for juice. They hold just the right amount for a toddler. And they can of course be used for wine for adults too. The keep drinks super cold. We love the Cheeki insulated tumblers.

These are the best tumblers by far. We have tried a few other brands but these keep water colder - and still have ice in the tumblers even after sitting the hot car for two hours. The drinking straw is super handy too.

1lt insulated adventure bottle

I love using this size for everyday use as I can easily keep tabs of my intake. It’s great for taking out and about as well and I know that if I leave it in the car I’ll come back to a cool drink.

Absolutely love the non-insulated bottles

I don't drink cold water often and it seems mostly what's on the market is insulated metal drinking bottles. I'm so happy I found Cheeki non-insulated bottles. I had their previous design which lasted me 10 years! (Although the quick flow lids did eventually start leaking towards the end).

So, I ended up buying 5 new non-insulated bottles (had to have each colour you know).

I do like the new design but I do miss the quick flow lid. I feel the new sports lid doesn't let enough water through, even on the largest setting. However, I've learned to just use the screw lids instead of the sports lid. The screw lid doesn't take too many unscrews (you can just open it with one twist of your hand), so it's easy to get to your water quickly.

I Love Cheeki!

I love Cheeki - I had this water bottle and accidentally left it on a plane so I bought a new one online in the car on the way home. I love their products and would buy another!

Cheeky accessories

I bought my Cheeki insulated cup 6 years ago and recently, the lid’s no-spill mechanism broke apart. I was thrilled to find out that Cheeki still stocked the lids separately as the mug is still in good condition. I purchased x2 lids . No issues w customer service and delivery!

Upside down and inside out

You can turn the coffee cups upside down so they don’t spill and that means you’ll get all the insides out to enjoy.

Love my Cheeki cup. Perfect size. ☺️

Great !

couldn't use a brand new cup as top lost on first use (borrowed by young family memnber !) . Happy to have a replacement available for purchase and sent nil issues, thank you!

Great for home or travel

We keep this bottle in the fridge when we're at home for cold water, or take it with us, to top up our other Cheeki water bottles, when we're travelling in the car.

Love my sons new shark bottle !

With lots of research I wanted to update my sons bottle and move to a quality stainless steel bottle which was low tox and better for his health as well sturdy , leak proof and keeps his water cold . This brand has met my expectations! Love the shark design. You can feel the quality when you hold it and its easy to clean !

Cheeki Bumper - Large
Anne Winchcombe
Great size

I love the size of my 1.6 L Cheeki bottle. I had found in the past that the bottle got a hairline crack around the bottom after dropping it - it happened to two bottles. I have now bought a boot to go on my new one it and it is much more stable and has some cushioning. I'd recommend the boot to go with the botttle.

Functional and attractive water bottle

Apart from its functionality and good looks, it’s really nice to know that my drinking water is so much healthier this way than in plastic bottles!

Love it so much

Its a great size, nice feel, good lip comfort when drinking. Love it so much I want to buy 5 in case I ever lose one or whatever. Can be a little noisy taking the lid off in the middle of the night when you dont want your baby to hear it and wake up, silicone threads wouldn’t go astray but otherwise perfect.

I love this bag. Super quick shipping too. This bag is perfect for a mum. I use it when I’m going to work - it holds my bottle, lunchbox and hand bag. Then on days with my family carry’s everything we need and everything else a mum tends to carry for their children.

Great work drink no spillages. Very handy highliy recommen!

1.6L Thirsty Max review

Great size for long distance hikes. Bottle is light, puncture proof and for a lifetime investment extraordinarily affordable. I’ve been looking for affordable, non-insulated, light stainless steel water bottles for ages and bought two.

Awesome water bottle

This is a awesome water bottle i just love it thank you

Best service I've had in a while. I asked if they could express ship my order and they did no extra charge! On top of this they have the best service and a very friendly team who are prompt with replies. The product is amazing quality aswell.

350ml Insulated Coffee Mug - Leopard

Bit disappointed

The O-Rings on 1 of my coffee cups keep coming out so I can’t close it whilst having a coffee

Beautiful cup, great large size but a terrible lid. Would be better if there was a plain lid that fit as well but nothing else fits it.

Lovely design & functions well

Really lovely design - lid has a great seal - keeps my smoothies cool

Cheeky Toucan Lover

Another Cheeki product added to my home, l am again a very Happy Customer.

I can now have an iced coffee to go in the morning and an iced fruit smoothy when l get home without having to wash my tumbler the moment l walk through the door. Having two Cheeki tumblers is great and starting my day with my bright happy toucan tumbler is the best!