Hi, I'm Pia the Gentoo penguin. You may have seen me at the aquarium or the zoo. I live mainly in Antarctica and South America on the coldest regions of the planet which is why not many have seen me in the wild. 

Yes, I may live in remote parts of the planet but that doesn't mean I don't have a problem with plastic since we still see plenty of plastic waste in our lives. Even Antarctica has a plastic pollution problem! 

You have have seen the movie Happy Feet where one of the penguin characters is tangled in plastic waste? That happens in real-life to my friends which is a very sad. Life is tough when you can't eat properly or live properly since you're tangled up. If I can't swim, I can't eat. 

Not only can I get caught in plastic but by the time plastic waste reaches the Antarctica it's usually broken down into small pieces. So a drink bottle may have broken down into 10 little pieces. These little pieces shine in the sunlight and look like my favourite food, fish! If I eat too much plastic it can make me extremely sick. It's thought that by 2050 that every seabird will have plastic in it's stomach and that includes penguins! 


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