Hi I'm Oska, the Orca or Killer Whale. Technically, I'm not actually a whale but a dolphin. The biggest dolphin species to be exact. Unlike my whale cousins (except the toothed whales like the sperm whale) I have teeth to help me eat. Most whales have bristles called baleen which are used to filter the water for plankton but I prefer real food. 

Weighing in at six tonnes I get hungry, very hungry. And when I am swimming for my food I can sometimes get tangled in the plastic netting which is very scary! Not only this but I end up eating lots of little micro plastics through a process called Biomagnification. 

Similar to my friend, Sammy. If I eat lots of fish that have all eaten plastic I too end up eating a lot of plastic! And when I eat all these little fish it makes me very sick and difficult for me to get the proper nutrients I need. 

If you see any piece of plastic no matter how big or small please take it with you and put it in the bin! 





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