Tips on having a sustainable Easter

Reduce Waste

Easter eggs seem to come with all sorts of decorative plastic packaging not to mention all the other Easter “stuff” that clogs the supermarket shelves. It’s easy to get caught up in the festive spirit going all out for the family but it’s just as easy to reduce waste by going for products with minimal packaging. Try looking for loose eggs, paper decorations and wooden/woven baskets. 

Make your own

With school holidays it’s a great time to get creative with the kids in an eco friendly way. There are plenty of ways to be creative without the plastic. For example, empty real eggs and make a great breakfast of scrambled eggs and use the empty shells as a blank canvas for decorating. Along with decorations, get out the oven mitts and bake some hot cross buns. 

Buy sustainable

It’s relatively easy to buy sustainably produced chocolate for Easter but it can be a little more difficult to find sustainably sourced fish for those who like to follow tradition in having fish on Good Friday or over the Easter break. When buying fish from your local fish monger make sure the fish displays the MSC sustainably sourced certification. In addition, always ask where the fish was caught and if it was farmed etc. The labelling on seafood isn’t the greatest so it’s always good to ask. The best tip, try and avoid “deep sea” fish as these fish have usually been caught using a very destructive method of fishing.


The best thing about having eggs wrapped in foil is that it’s recyclable. One piece of loose foil is too small so pop a basket or bucket at home and tell everyone to pop their foil packaging in there. At the end of Easter scrunch it up into the size of a cricket ball and pop it in the recycling bin. Same goes for all the cardboard packaging too. For further tips on recycling in your local area visit

From everyone at Cheeki we wish you all a safe, sustainable and happy Easter! 

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