Benefits of double wall insulated water bottles

How does double wall vacuum insulation work?

Cheeki’s double wall vacuum insulated bottle are the perfect drink bottles to keep you cool this summer. You may be wondering how exactly do our insulated water bottles keep liquid icy cold for 24 hours and perfectly hot for 12 hours? 

Cheeki doesn’t use any plastics, foams or other materials to insulate, only air. Instead our double wall insulated bottles have two layers of stainless steel – an inner wall and an outer wall with a thin layer of air between the two layers.

To explain it further, double wall insulation prevents the transfer of hot and cold temperatures. For example, when you pour ice cold water into the insulated bottle the inner wall will quickly match the water temperature. Whereas the outer layer will stay at room temperature, so when you go to pick it up you won’t know it is filled with icy cold water. This is due to the layer of air between the layers that acts like a buffer. Even if you left your insulated bottle in the sun, the outside may be too hot to touch, however the liquid inside will remain the same temperature for an extended period of time.

Features of double wall vacuum insulated water bottles 

Condensation free:

Cheeki’s double wall insulated bottles are free from condensation, meaning the bottle won’t sweat on your hands or surrounding items. No matter how hot or cold the liquid inside the outside of your bottle will not be affected.


Cheeki’s double wall vacuum insulated water bottles are extremely durable. Our bottles use 304 {18/8} food grade stainless steel which is extremely strong and robust. Additionally, this stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and is less thermally conductive (read more about 304 stainless steel here).

No flavour transfers:

All Cheeki products use food grade stainless steel. This means the liquid inside will not retain a metal taste or flavours from previous drinks inside. 

BPA and Toxin Free

All Cheeki products are certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to be toxin and BPA free. Using the highest quality materials Cheeki products are extremely safe to use. Not only does this ensure the longevity of the bottle, but they are resistant to bacteria and mould growth.

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