5 Reasons to buy a stainless steel Coffee Mug.

Billions of single use disposable coffee cups are ending up in landfill after a single use each year. Moving towards reusable coffee cups can dramatically reduce this waste but with so many products out there it can be hard to decide which reusable cup is the best for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a stainless steel insulated coffee mugs.

They Keep Drinks Cold & Hot

Steel is a great temperature conductor which is why a lot of cooking pots and pans are made from steel. They are great at taking the heat from the stove and transferring it to what you're trying to cook. To ensure that the steel keeps it temperature another steel layer is added with a layer of "nothing" which prevents the inside temperature moving to the outside of the cup and vice versa. This locks in the internal temperature. This process is called Vacuum Wall Insulation. Only stainless steel coffee mugs boast this type of thermal insulation. Plastic and glass can have a similar method but won't keep liquids hot for long. 

Doesn't interact with your favourite blend

There are a few key reasons why Food Grade Stainless steel is used for commercial cooking and food preparation. Not only is it tough and durable but it's very hygienic, it's very safe for food and it also doesn't interact with the taste of food or drink. Some plastics and inferior steel types can alter the taste of your coffee or tea so we recommend investing a little bit more into a premium stainless steel coffee mug. 

Better, safe and healthier 

Cheaper plastics are filled with all sorts of "stuff" from BPA and mix that with hot liquids it can make a nice concoction of toxins. Something you probably don't want to be drinking. In addition to that, constantly scrubbing and cleaning cheap plastic reusable cups can cause little bits of plastic to break off and end up in your drink! In short, avoid cheap plastic reusable cups.

It's stronger and more durable

Steel is pretty strong stuff. Remember when Superman was referred to as the Man of Steel? Anyways, we digress. Stainless steel coffee mugs are very strong and durable which makes them the perfect reusable mug for travelling at the outdoors. 


With the thermal insulation plus the added durability of stainless steel it's ideal for ensuring that contents stay locked inside. It's amazing how much easier life is when you have leakproof coffee mug. 


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