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I’ll always buy this product. Well priced great product quick delivery. No fuss. Great dsign 🥳

Great water bottle - water stays super cool

We’ve recently been on a mini road trip in 30 degree heat! The water bottle has been a great addition. Keeps water super cold for a long time, much longer that o thought it would. You need to use regular size ice cubes to be able to put them in the bottle. Worth every cent!!

Classic Silicone Shield Lid

Great pouch

So easy to get around with a pouch with a strap.
It even keeps the bottle

Coffee Mug Replacement Lid
Lynda Mohd zamani

I am happy with the coffee mug and there are 3 of them 😍😍😍

Initially my order never arrived!

Once I requested a delivery status an immediate response and action was taken resulting in my order arriving via post within two days of my original email ..very pleased with end result. Thank you

No use for the bottle they sent.

I bought a promotional bottle ( they would send a random pattern, and that's okay for the price ( however the bottle has no Cheeky names anywhere, just the brand and name of a company in a VERY cheap material ( with only the names ' Aluminium Bottle' in the bottom). I contacted Cheeky and after first email they disappeared. The size was also different than the one advertised. If someone was to give me this bottle for free, I would refuse, a Kmart bottle have more quality and would be cheaper to buy. Very disappointing, I expected more from the brand.

tea all day

With my Cheeki coffee cup, I can make a big cup of tea for a road trip or long meeting, and it stays warm just about all day.


Love the colour, its a fantastic size, not too heavy and so easy to take everywhere with the handle on the lid. Just love it!

Cheeki insulated mug

I have had these mugs previously, as I use it every day they get fairly beaten around.
But they are excellent, keeping hot or cold for hours, literally my cup of tea can be still warm and drinkable 5 hours later.
Great that you can close tge lid , so handy to carry in a bag or backpack.
The only problem I've had is that after years of use the spring or action for the lid to close had failed.
But it has been an excellent product.

Coffee Mug Replacement Lid
Richard Anlezark
Coffe cup lid.

It doesn't eat properly and leaks around the rim . I've had this cup for nearly five years and never had thos with thw origanl lid. The seal on the inner part also don't stay put and have to be adjusted every time as well.


I have purchased two of your bottles, firstly I feel they are overpriced, bulky to hold without a handle.
I prepped the bottle as per instructions only to find that the water doesn’t stay cold for the 48 hours as stated, only staying cold for roughly 8 hours.

My second one. Left the other one behind somewhere

Replacement of faulty lid should be free not $23

$23 (online from Cheeky) for replacement lid is ridiculous considering original purchase price. Keep looking if you are looking for a genuine trader. Cheeky does not guarantee its products sadly...

Excellent customer service thanks

I had to replace a lid from my coffee mug that a small child ran off with, I had difficulties with the postage options and contacted customer service, who helped me easily, and got my lid (and spare o-rings) to me quickly. I love my mug so much, it was fantastic to be able to use it again. Thanks again!

Best insulated bottle

I've brought a few insulated bottles before I found cheeki. Nothing compared to the bottle from cheeki. No spills and keeps hot for nearly a day!

Great quality

Durable drink bottles, no leaking and robust with toddlers! Will buy again

Great quality

Lunchboxes and drink bottles are fantastic at keeping the contents cold.

Best water bottle ever

I bought this bottle for my husband and he comments everyday on how perfect it is for him. Keeps his drinks cold and doesn't leak!

I thought it was for my larger water bottle a bit disappointed

Excellent insulation beautiful colour quick delivery

Excellent service quick delivery .
Perfect choice

Great drink bottle

I was looking for a drink bottle to take to work. I don’t have access to a fridge and the insulated bottle is excellent. I also wanted something that fit into my car cup holder and would not leak. The jungle theme is also lovely. Very happy with purchase.

Cheeki insulated mug

We have had these mugs for over 5 years now and loved them
Over time I have found the spring seal has stopped working , thats why I have replaced them,
And cleaning the gaskets/orings is a bit tricky.
But they are excellent, and we use them every day and all day so I understand that they eventually stopped working.
The ordering process was great , simple and efficient, and received my 2 new mugs in approx 5 days ,
Very impressed
Happily tell others about your product

really handy

I love that this cup keeps my coffee hot for a while - perfect for teachers who get interrupted frequently and need to have a lid on their hot beverages!


I love the product but not sure how to clean it lemon or vinegar do not work?
Any other ideas please?